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Joanie may be the girl of Frankie, a single mom on the run from the woman In-Laws after the woman husband’s

Joanie may be the girl of Frankie, a single mom on the run from the woman In-Laws after the woman husband’s

death during season 1. While Frankie got aided by Alan and Charlie at their house, Joanie produced an instant crush on Jake. She made an effort to pursue the girl crush by winning contests with Jake, and having exactly the same chosen lunch as their. Jake, however, wouldn’t return the woman thoughts, when Joanie kissed your bye, the guy answered by “Oh people!” and cleaning this lady kissed spot from his give.

Unseen within the show, Robin Newberry got a classmate of Jake in season 3. She have a crush on Jake, showing the lady ideas giving him cupcakes. Jake turned to Charlie for suggestions regarding an appropriate impulse, to which Charlie informed him to take pleasure from the cupcakes without the duty to like the lady back. Alan thought about it as an incorrect advice, and questioned Jake never to do so. Jake proceeded in order to become special with Robin to get day-to-day cupcakes. Whenever Robin dumped your, he discovered to bake cupcakes himself.

Another unseen figure, Wendy got Jake’s first real sweetheart. First mentioned by Jake as best girl in the course, their own partnership began at Wendy’s party in month 3’s ‘Just Once With Aunt Sophie’ after Charlie gave Jake advice on how to overcome this lady. She broke up with your in month 4’s ‘A container cigarette smoking Monkey’; because of the differences in their unique educational performance.

Found in season 4’s ‘Release the Dogs’, Taylor ended up being a friend of Jake’s on whom he’d a crush on. The guy invited her over for a play time. However, their commitment was made embarrassing when Charlie fulfill and went with Taylor’s mother Kelly, despite the reality he had assured Jake usually.

Featured in month 4’s ‘Tucked, Taped and Gorgeous’, Sophie will be the child of Greg, Alan’s gay friend. The pair are used by her moms and dads on films and boating. Sophie is been shown to be drawn to Jake too, as she openly really wants to hug him, but Jake’s lack of cleverness prevents it. They apparently stopped watching each other because Jake implicated Alan of “breaking with” Greg following latter discovered Charlie “attractive.”

Dubbed the ‘hottest female in Jake’s class’, Nicole is mentioned in month 5’s ‘Kinda Like Necrophilia’. Jake asks the woman out whenever Charlie advises so, and although at first confused as to who he was, Nicole takes commit aside with Jake. In period 7’s ‘Fart laughs, cake And Celeste’, a woman described merely as Nicole phone calls Jake and attracts him as a result of the pier after she hears the guy dumped Celeste. It really is unfamiliar if this is Nicole O’Malley; Jake tells Alan he doesn’t understand whom the woman is, but it’s feasible the guy just doesn’t bear in mind the lady. In period 7’s ‘Tinkle like a Princess’, Jake is seen on Charlie’s platform with a girl known as Nicole, just who claimed they were matchmaking but the unidentified if she got the same Nicole.

Celeste had been Jake’s earliest girlfriend whom lasted some longer than other individuals. She was first included in month 6, when she moved in along with her daddy in Charlie’s community. Later on, Jake goes out on a night out together with her. She after appears in period 7, once viewed regulating Jake, and later breaking-off with your when Jake cheats together during Christmas, though which was because Charlie’s sick advice.

Two different women revealed during period 8, truly very likely that Jake have 1st mature connection together with them. Caught sneaking out from Charlie’s home very first, these are typically after observed by Charlie sneaking from Judith’s room too, implying that Jake ended up being together both.

Megan is launched in Season 8, that is with Jake, but makes presumably considering Charlie’s drunken

behavior. She after seems in period 9 after Charlie’s death as Jake’s chemistry tutor in thank-you For any sex, and seemingly gets drawn to Walden, nevertheless when she couldn’t get your, she shows alike ideas to Jake. They relatively start a relationship. It is assumed that she and Jake are no much longer collectively, as he had intercourse with a older lady named Jennifer in “perhaps not In My Mouth!”.

A bubbly lady just who lives in Zoey’s building, just who seems in “Not within my throat!”. Walden attempts to start a partnership along with her after Zoey refused to him he cherished their. He put her toward coastline house to get best knowledgeable about ber but she unintentionally strolled in on a discussion he was having with Zoey via FaceTime. Jake was quickly smitten together with her and sits about his get older so that they can bring close to their. In an unexplained action, the guy at some point rests together with her (offscreen) although the grownups are gone and informs a friend (possibly Eldridge) over the phone that they have gender 5 times in a 30 small stage, claiming it to be the greatest half-hour of their lifetime. This might best mean that the guy pre-ejaculated several times.

Old Jake. They separated because Jake thought to the woman that the woman is outdated.

In You understand what The Lollipop Is For whenever Missi visits Walden’s coastline household, Jake returns for 1 week-end towards the coastline residence and then he instantly being thinking about Missi. They walk around inside the beach as well as kissed. Obtained sex and Jake thinks he and she started a relationship, until Missi reveals that this lady has a boyfriend so they really split. Missi re-appears in steer clear of the Chinese Mustard once they return collectively, but Jake was obligated to get back to the army, so Jake planned to get away together with her because he believes they like each other, even so they split up once again because Missi couldn’t say that she liked your.

A 36 year old lady that Jake met when he moved into a tattoo shop, known as Tammy’s Tatties, possessed by Tammy

Ashley are Tammy’s 18 year old daughter, just who Jake duped on Tammy with. Tammy gets aggravated and confronts Jake, but Ashley afterwards comes up and reunites with him. She leaves at the conclusion of the event whenever she believes to marry the woman earlier ex-boyfriend utilizing the hope of an innovative new automobile. The woman is portrayed by Emily Osment.

Note: through the episode, Walden refers to Ashley as “Hannah Montana.” Emily Osment had a principal character on Hannah Montana playing Lily Truscott. She co-starred with Miley Cyrus, who starred Missi in “you are doing understand what The Lollipop’s For” and “prevent the Chinese Mustard.”

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