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Happn + Grindr: Do the programs that elide the �e� push all of us nearer to love?

Happn + Grindr: Do the programs that elide the �e� push all of us nearer to love?

Genevieve Gaunt on the reason why lexical elision is not such a new event

by Genevieve Gaunt

Saturday November 28 2021, 8:45pm

Elision was popular, with French matchmaking app happn and hook-up application Grindr joining forerunners such Tumblr and Flickr in dropping the letter �e� using their labels. Haven�t we crawled off our teenage bogs of philistinism and moved on from h8ed txt spk by now? I was thinking phone software happened to be for adults rather than vowel-allergic teenagers. With nouns becoming morphed into verbs and the other way around at a consistent level faster compared to multiplication of Medusa�s curls, it might be easy to understand to think that people are hacking the English code to passing. However, probably the disappearance of this good �e� in common software must not elicit this type of whines of woe regarding the success your language.

Elision isn�t simply another result of �trending� or lexical rehashing. Actually, the application is centuries older. Shakespeare alongside popular article authors of the time all put apostrophes within are an aid to balancing metre. Eg �e�en� instead of even and �lov�d� in place of liked. However, one has to be careful, since this practice could also have-been motivated by overly-enthusiastic eighteenth millennium editors. But poets in that opportunity also played with the functions of terminology, transforming verbs to adjectives, adjectives to nouns, an such like. This is certainly a rhetorical unit titled �zero morpheme derivation� or �conversion�, therefore celebrates the theory that language was malleable and fluid, instead set and rigid.

The English language is a sensational patchwork of lexical thievery and imposition. As Charles Laurence hairdresser unfurls for all of us within his guide, very early popular English, listed here popular nouns originally derive from verbs: �gossip� in 1590, �launder� in 1610 and (best of all, i believe) �barbecue� in 1661. Incidentally, some means claim that your message barbeque comes from the French barbe a waiting line (�from mustache to tail�); the OED sniffs only at that advice, but I fairly adore it. The French app happn, consequently, is merely a modern shadow of just what Latinate dialects led in calques (mortgage keywords) toward wonderful flux that will be English during the seventeenth 100 years.

It seems almost inescapable after that, also reassuring, that happn and Grindr would apostrophise the �e� just as as the Jailer�s girl in Shakespeare�s The Two Noble Kinsmen: �Then, I lov�d him,/Extremely lov�d your, infinitely lov�d your!� This affirmation of prefer is actually duplicated thrice. Really in scanning, after that, that people glean an innovative new covering of which means � the shot of hot, distressing really love is actually powerful to allow to cool on stand of an �e�. This further illuminates the elision occurring in �Grindr� and �happn�. The consonant conflict of �d/r� in Grindr are pelvic, thrusting. There�s no room for enchanting assonance. In the same way the collision of �p/n� in happn pings throughout the language like Cupid�s arrow, which will be installing given that happn performs over a 250-mile distance; although it�s perhaps not Cupid doing the archery but GPS.

The sample from Shakespeare are likely, also darn coincidental. Nonetheless, it aesthetically shows that, through a software or social network, you’ll be able to push characters (and, quelle shock, folks) closer with each other. The flirty �e� just conceals, like an attractive body concealed beneath one�s clothes. It�s nonetheless there and our desire to undress it has remained exactly the same since a long time before the Jacobins.

Let�s merely hope the app�s promise of enjoy is actually considerably elusive than their �e�.

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