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Can I Replace My Job As A Business Loan Broker?

Can I Replace My Job As A Business Loan Broker?

If we haven’t met, my name is Oguz Konar. (Most people just call me Oz) My story is fairly similar to most of my students’. I worked full time supporting my family, grinding away until I was introduced to a better way to make money.

When I realized it was possible to make money by essentially selling money, I was sold. I realized that brokering deals was way better than any other product or service. No matter where you are in the world, people want money. Your profile and experience are lesser factors when working with a client. No matter your ethnicity, your education, or even your language, people will pay you if you get them the funds they need.

But I’m not just teaching you how to become a business loan broker, I teach you how to build a broker business! You will have the career skills of a broker, but the structure to make a business. Not just any business, however, a “recession-proof” business!

Absolutely! Most of our students start making profits 30-60 days after enrollment in our business loan broker training. Not everyone develops a business with employees and more automated systems, but many do! We give you everything you need, and you can move at your own pace.

Most deals give the loan broker a percentage of the loan as a “cut.” This means depending on how big the deal is, the profits can be quite massive!

Our students regularly post testimonials and share how successful they are with our systems. (And they did this in 2020 no problem!)


We have so many testimonials and success stories that we actually dedicated an entire section of our site to show them. Whether it’s videos, online reviews, or social media posts, people from all over have experienced tremendous success with our program.

This isn’t about “looking good,” this is about me showing you that we care about every person who enrolls with us. I have a family, I have goals, and installment loans IA I want to live my best life. That’s the kind of trainer every student should have. The kind that relates to them!

And everyone on our training team is this way. They aren’t about looking good, they are about making the student feel like enrolling was the best decision of their life! That’s why people choose my blueprint to build the life and business they’ve always wanted to!

Here are just a few more of our students who left 5-Star reviews of the Business Lending Blueprint:

“The best business lending course on the market. If your looking for an opportunity to make six figures the Business lending Blueprint will put you on that path.”

“Sam was fantastic through all the fast track setup solving all the issues that came along, and the result is impressive. She has been very professional and also very patient. It feels great to be a part of this big family!”

“I have to say this has been the best decision I’ve made toward generating more income for my business, I was very skeptical about joining but after one week in the group I was able to get my very first client funded in 24 hours, This is such an awesome business group I can assure you they are very helpful with helping you succeed! OZ is the best when it comes to becoming a loan broker! My mentor Brent is totally awesome!! I highly recommend joining right now if you have been thinking about joining!! One week and I’m making money ????How Awesome!!”

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