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VictoriaMilan seems to be a safe and secure dating website

VictoriaMilan seems to be a safe and secure dating website

Free services Vs. Paid services

It is safe to say that the free services do match those of their rival online dating sites, so you can expect to have limited access to the whole site until you decide that you want to pay for the full membership×392.jpg” alt=””>. You have enough access to the site to work out if this is for you, so you can be confident in whatever decision you do make. The free services include

Easy to Use

Overall, VictoriaMilan does have a lot of features that make it the unique site that it is! There are two features that stand out as special to the webpage, and that is the ability to edit your photos and the access to a “panic” button. When you are uploading a photo to your profile, you have the option to add a mask to your face or to blur parts of your photo. This is certainly unique to the site and allows for you to be even more discreet, on a website that prides itself on its anonymity. The panic button is one that seems rather ambiguous when you first join the site. Initially, you could mistake it as something to click when you are confronted with a rather unpleasant member. However, this button is for you to press when you think that your partner is approaching, and you don’t want them to see your computer screen. They send you to a new webpage, and this ple, they e tab, so you will not have other tabs to explain or to have on the show.

If you intend to message on the site, then you will have to pay for the full membership to experience this. The messaging system seems relatively simple, and when you are on there, you can send and receive gifts that you can buy credit for. VictoriaMilan also doesn’t seem to offer any sort of matching service. So, if you are hoping that the website will do all the heavy lifting for you, then you may be a little disappointed.

Search Functions

On VictoriaMilan, you can switch between simple and advanced search engines. It is brilliant that both are available to those using the free membership, as it really gives you a feel for what is available on the site and if it is worth paying for the full access. The simple search is the landing page for when you log in as a member. This can be filtered through location and age. The advanced search allows you to search by name and then apply a plethora of varying filters. This will also then be used with the filters set in the simple search. VictoriaMilan offers a very detailed and well thought out process of finding discreet extramarital affairs.

Safety & Security

They pride themselves on anonymity, so there is definitely a reduced risk of being caught out. They take the verification of your profile seriously, so you know that the other members on the site are legitimate users. They use 256-bit top-level SSL security and have a help button in the bottom left-hand corner of every single page you are on. The help page rings you to the customer service section with frequently asked FAQ’s. Overall, they have thought over everything someone might need when trying to find an extramarital affair online.


If you want to have an extra dating sites, and you want to do things privately, then VictoriaMilan is ahead of the game. They have a range of features so that you can find people who share your desires, without you being at an increased risk of being caught. They allow you to privatize your photos, and they have even installed a button so that you can quickly and effortlessly exit the webpage. Their overall design is perhaps a little convoluted, but once you have spent some time on there, you soon get sued to the features and layout. In conclusion, VictoriaMilan is a well thought out website which has really taken into consideration the sort of men and women using their site and what they may want from experience.

VictoriaMilan does not explicitly state whether this will be taken as one large sum or in the monthly installments. So, if you are going to pay for the membership, make sure that you have the whole bill available before you hit pay.

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